Judy Tunley

"I have now been having 1:1 sessions with Susanne for over 2 yrs. She is very professional and makes all the sessions fun. My Strength has improved and continues to do so each time. Susanne puts me through my paces on the equipment and challenges me to improve. I have  become stronger so rarely injure myself but when I do I heal quickly. I am a real advocate of both Pilates itself and attending the studio. Go on give it a try - you never know you might enjoy it and it does you good. Thank you Susanne, Wednesday wouldn't be the same without you". 

Annaliese Emmerson

"Discovered Tuesday mat class. The classes have done me the world of good as high impact exercise is off the cards due to injuries. Kelly is great and you are made to feel very welcome. Great care is taken to ensure you carry out the movement correctly. Would highly recommend".

Belinda Nicholson

"Best thing I've done. I'm 52 yrs old with back issues and bad posture. Having attended for approximately 3 months I have seen and felt great improvements in movement and posture. Thank you. I would highly recommend".

Nikki Baker

"After attending a taster session I joined Kelly's mat class. I used to wake up with lower backache, sometimes having to take painkillers to get moving. Since joining the backache is no more; I am moree aware of my posture and breathing which has helped my swimming and running while training for the London marathon. Would definitely recommend giving it a go".

Karen Battye

"Started taking regular classes after a taster class with Kelly, best thing I have done for my body in years especially as a runner who runs half marathons. Posture greatly improved, core strength definitely better plus nice intimate classes so you know your doing the exercises correctly and the equipment is amazing".

Rachel McPartlin

"I suffer with a bad back, joint stiffness and pain and have done for many years. I joined the beginner course to help strengthen my core and ultimately my back. I was nervous about attending a class in case I was the only one that hadn't donePilates before. The course was perfect as we were all complete beginners. Kelly explains everything clearly and also makes it fun. I am noticing a difference in that my back is not always as painful and stiff. This is due to the Pilates as I haven't done anything else different".

Charles Tunley

"I have worked with Susanne in improving my health, strength, posture and balance. This consists of a one hour, one to one, weekly session at the studio, mainly using Pilatees equipment. These sessions continue to help me. Susanne is a first class, very knowledgeable teacher who tailors each programme and session to the individual needs of clients. My weekly sessions are challenging and instructive but also very enjoyable. I will continue to learn, benefit and enjoy my weekly visits".

Liz Eastwood

"I would definitely recommend North Star Plates. I have attended a weekly session for just under a year and it's transformed my health and ability to move".